About BUAV

About BUAV

About BUAV – Founded in 1898, The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) is at the forefront of the campaign to end animal experiments.

The BUAV is dedicated to use all peaceful means possible to end vivisection, both nationally and internationally.

Through high profile media activities, undercover investigations and quality education and information materials, the BUAV works on many levels ­ consumer, corporate or political ­ to make a real difference for animals in laboratories across the world. Some of our recent campaigns have included:

  • a detailed scientific critique of xenotransplantation ­ the use of animal organs in people
  • urging the UK Government to ban the testing of household products on animals
  • the launch of an international symbol for cruelty-free cosmetics and toiletries in addition to high level lobbying of the European Commission to seek a ban on cosmetics animal testing across Europe
  • an exposé of the suffering involved in the international transportation of primates for research
  • a 10 month undercover investigation at Harlan UK (animal breeders for the research industry) to reveal the suffering of dogs bred for vivisection.

We will not rest until we have consigned animal experiments to the history books. Please support us in our efforts to end the suffering.…