BUAV – Help the Dogs

The BUAV has uncovered, for the very first time, the dark secret behind the medical research industry – the mass production of man's best friend. Stop them making a killing with dogs' lives.

End the Use of Dogs in Research

End the Use of Dogs in Research – To our shame the United Kingdom is Europe’s biggest user of dogs for vivisection.

In 1998 nearly 7,000 dog experiments were performed in the UK, using 5,575 dogs.

Hundreds more were killed for their blood and organs, or simply because they were ‘surplus to requirements.’

Over the years, the BUAV has campaigned consistently to end the use of dogs in research.

By visiting our website you can see for yourself just why dog experiments are so cruel and scientifically unjustified.

Please join our campaign, and help the BUAV to end their suffering once and for all.

Tanya Allen

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